Universul de Retail is an interactive web-based application that manages exhaustive information on International Key Accounts (IKA) and Local Key Accounts (LKA) active in Romania.

Retailer details

  • Shop
  • Company
  • Chanel type
  • City
  • County
  • Opening date
  • Shop size
  • Service type
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Retailer analysis

  • geographical distribution
  • evolution of number of shops
  • evolution of number of openings
  • total current number of shops
  • total number of openings per year/per month
  • correlation number of shops per channel and shop size
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  • evolution of turnover
  • evolution of profit or loss
  • evolution of the number of employees per retail company

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Our strengths:

classified updates manual friendly

Universul de Retail is successfully utilised by the following:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Trade Promotion
  • Business Development
  • Research Teams
  • Decision-makers accross financial and HR services
  • Corporate analysts and strategists

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